The Highway and Airport Engineering Research Laboratory

Director: Prof. Dr. Hozayen Ahmed Hozayen 





In order to keep up with the huge achievements in the sector of roads and airports construction and operation, and stemming from the leading role of Cairo University in development and community service, it has become imperative to establish a laboratory to enhance the research activities related to roads and airports.


The Laboratory was established in 1992. It is one of the most active laboratories in the Faculty of Engineering. It provides services to the roads and airports sector in Egypt and the Middle East. 


The laboratory contains several pavements testing equipment, as well as other research supporting tools with different capabilities. 


Laboratory Services:

The work team at the laboratory provides all the technical work and services including laboratory testing, field testing, training and technical consultation in the areas of highway planing, design, construction, evaluation, rehabilitation and maintenance, as well as traffic studies including traffic and pedestrian behavior. A considerable attention is also given to the utilization of the emerging technologies in the area of road and airport engineering.

1- Laboratory & Field Tests:

The laboratory has the capabilities to conduct a wide range of laboratory and field tests including the following:

  • Characterization of asphalt cement
  • Characterization of aggregates and subgrade
  • Design of asphalt mixtures
  • Quality control tests associated with different layers of pavement structures.

Asphalt Tests:

  • Kinematic viscosity
  • Absolute viscosity
  • Penetration of asphalt cement
  • Softening point
  • Flash point

Aggregate Tests:

  • Gradation analysis of coarse and fine materials
  • Specific weights, friable particles, soundness and absorption
  • Abrasion
  • Standard and modified compaction
  • California Bearing Ratio
  • Liquid and plastic limits
  • Soil classification

Asphalt Mixtures Tests:

  • Quality assurance of asphalt mixtures materials
  • Design of asphalt mixtures (Marshall test)
  • Extraction
  • Stability and flow of asphalt mixtures after construction and during operation

Field Tests:

  • California Bearing Ratio
  • Dry density of different pavement materials
  • Coring of wide variety of pavement layers

Evaluation of Highway and Airport Pavement Condition:

The laboratory has the capability of conducting field surveys to investigate existing highway and airport pavement condition including surface, base course and subgrade layers, and suggest proper maintenance and rehabilitation strategies.

Traffic Studies:

  • Traffic counting and classification
  • Intersection evaluation
  • Pedestrian studies


2- Technical Consultation:

  • The faculty members and experts associated with the laboratory offer technical consultation in the following areas:
  • Highway and airport pavement evaluation, rehabilitation and maintenance.
  • Technical assistance to highway and airport agencies in supervision and quality assurance tasks.
  • Specifications and standards of highway construction
  • Geometric and structural design of highways and airports
  • Preparation of technical reports and certified laboratory test results.
  • Preparation of consultation reports associated with different field activities.

3- Capabilities:

The laboratory team is a fine group of distinguished faculty members with varied specialties and background. Integration of such capabilities allows the laboratory of conducting all kinds of highway and airport related tasks. In addition, a supporting team consisting of qualified engineers and trained technicians is available.

The laboratory is equipped with advanced equipment for testing different pavement materials, and traffic volume counters and speed measurement devices. In addition, a set of advanced computer systems with the necessary hardware and software packages is available and ready to conduct complicated data analysis tasks and to produce professional reports..

The laboratory cooperates with other laboratories in the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, in the areas of soil mechanics and foundation, concrete and material testing.


Phone: 35695484 / 35678423  

Fax: 37741390 e-mail