Tribology and Spare Parts Center



Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Aly Abd-Rabo 


Tribology is an interdisciplinary subject having a wide relevance to the activities of engineers, In the Tribology, Equipment and Spare Parts Design Center, activities are balanced between fundamental studies and practical applications.

The activities embrace such important aspects as the design, processing, manufacturing, testing and maintenance.

The Center main concerns are, thus directed towards achieving distinct structure in the domain of research and development, consultancy services and human resources development in engineering areas.



Main Objectives

The Tribology, Equipment and Spare Parts Design started working by the year 1991 as a special unit at Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering.

The mnagerial, and technical roles of the center are completely developed to attain maximum resources utilization and to provide flexibility to gain best art of dealing. The center has at the moment expertise in all engineering disciplines together with administrative, drafting, and technical assistance staff.

The center depends  its work on Term-Design (Integrated Product Development) as a reality perspective to the entire engineering domain where new products are developed through the use of a team which includes representative from all disciplines, not only design but also and most importantly customers.



The team works as from conceptual design through detailed design, process development, manufacturing, supervision, provision, testing, calibration, distribution, and finally field support representing   “reality checks” to create a final “master model”.


The center customers represent the entire industry and manufacturing domain, whether they are private, public, investment-or foreign-based entities. By way of example, Egyptian Sugar  and Distillation , Ennpi, SUCO , EGPC , Schlumbergor , National Cement , Public Co. for Mills , Hadisolb , Egyptian Drilling , GUPCO , Delta Steel Mill , SIMAF, Eastern CO. Helwan Cement, and SpieEnertrans are the major clients of the center .

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The Main Objectives of the Center
• Creating awareness of Tribology  (friction, wear , and lubrication), spare parts selection and design , maintenance planning , new design , concepts and a fair control on environmental conditions.
• Helping in assuring Spare Parts quality by giving engineers tools to quickly and accurately define product and process specifications.
• Helping in regenerating a documentation system and introducing new drawing tools to easily define specifications based on complete engineering change control system.
• Establishing good human resources infrastructure through updating design offices and implementing computer facilities together with training and activating courses for companies, factories and industries entities.
• Justifying technical efforts to provide solution for the local market, and providing technical consultancy and professional opinions in the fields of : Design, Manufacturing , Supervision, and Testing.
• Developing new longer-life products to replace other ones, enhancing machines characteristics (dynamic and / or tribological) , verifying proposed design , decreasing waste of raw material, improving machine elements life cycle (e.g. performance and maintainability) and minimizing  spare parts cost .
• Analyzing and simulating behavior of equipment and machines, and preparing data-bases linked with spare parts drawings.
• Stepping towards predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance; developing maintenance solution; and preparing maintenance programs
• Reducing down time for machines under maintenance, and reducing time to market through innovation and research.

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