Electrical Power Laboratory

Director: Prof. Osama Ahmed Mahgoub


The lab was established in the Electrical power and machines department, faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, on November 2005 to provide different kinds of community, industry, researchers, and faculty members in different colleges and universities. The main objectives of the laboratory can be summarized in the following:

1. Performing different kinds of tests and measurement in the area of electric power as well as providing consultation to Egyptian Electricity Sector as well as individuals.

2. Fault analysis and providing maintenance and repair recommendations.

3. Commissioning and field tests.

4. Design and manufacturing of some advanced electric equipment.

5. Collaboration in the technical and training fields with the different service and industrial establishment.

6. Conducting training courses for engineers in the different companies in the field of electrical power.

During the period of Nov. 2005 up to Nov. 2011, the unit has completed more than 150 projects in the fields of training, consultation, laboratory experiments and training.


High Voltage Lab


Insulators Testing Lab