The Design Lab for Electronics & Communication Systems


Director: Prof. Dr. Mohamed RIAD



Established in 2006, the Design Lab for Electronics & Communication Systems (DLECS), Cairo University, was inaugurated with goal to serve the local and regional markets in the areas of Research and Development in the most advanced areas of Electronics, Communications, and Embedded Systems. DLECS has wide activities in three main domains: Research / Consulting / Training. For the past years, DLECS has conducted a number of research projects, consulting studies and training for engineers and students. These activities are provided at the international, regional, and national levels. The executive team of the DLECS has published over 50 Journal & Conference papers, and produced more than 20 outstanding designs during the past few years.



• To provide consultation services to government and private sector industry and service agencies contributing to national development.

• To conduct contractual applied research projects aiming at the transfer of advanced technologies to industry and service sectors.

• To demonstrate the industrial systems for undergraduate students at the faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. 

• To enrich the Egyptian electronic manufacturing industry with the design and production of high-tech devices and appliances.

• To introduce a genuine “Made in Egypt” high-tech systems & products that are competitive with their counter “Made in Elsewhere” ones in the local market.