Energy Research Center  (E.R.C.)



Prof. Dr. Hany Mohamed Amin Alghazaly 




The Energy Research Center (ERC) has been established in 1989 as part the national plan of the Supreme Council of Universities to promote highly independent service oriented centers. ERC is located in the Faculty of Engineering Cairo University. It has a floor area of 400 m2 including three offices, two laboratories, a library and a conference room. The two laboratories include provisions for the measurements of both basic electrical and mechanical   quantities besides industrial control instrumentation.

Data acquisition equipment are an integral part of these laboratories. The laboratories include training devices, such as power saver trainer and air distribution system trainer in addition to the basic energy management training system. In addition to these laboratories the center directs the coal analysis laboratory located in the Mining Department, which is equipped with an atomic absorption apparatus, a differential thermal analyzer, a thermo gravimetric analyzer and a bomb calorimeter.

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Main Objectives

The ERC is moving in many directions, all linked by a single policy: energy studies of pragmatic nature. Consulting has always been an area to be tackled by the ERC. The ERC has focused on this area and was successfully able to attract many research and consulting projects to the center. The diversity of the nature of work and the contracting bodies has very well demonstrated the great efforts and contacts that the ERC has been able to pursue.

The center is also offering many post experience courses. The courses attract trainees from different sectors of the Egyptian industry.

Examples of the Activities:
The center has offered consultation in the following fields:
• Energy conservation in the Egyptian Sugar Company.
• Operating the automatic control system and engineers training in the Dakahlia Sugar Company.
• Supervision of electrical works of the workshops in the Eastern Company.
• Reliability assessment and voltage regulation for the South Delta Electricity Distribution Company.
• Testing of electrical components purchased by: South Delta Electricity Distribution Company, Minia University, Misr Petroleum Company, Upper Egypt Electricity Distribution Company.
• Pollutants measurements from boilers for El Mohandes National food Products Company.
• Design and supervision of the installation of a ventilation system for Physics Labs in the Faculty of Science, Cairo University.

Trining Courses:
The center is currently offering intensive training courses in the fields of:
• Insulated Switchgears
• Grounding Systems
• Reactive Power Control
• Transformers
• Illumination Engineering
• Electricity Distribution
• Power Cables
• Digital Protection,
• Electrical Equipment Testing
• Electrical Installation in Buildings
• Programmable Logic Controllers PLC
• SCADA systems
• Measuring systems.

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