Center for Advanced Software and Biomedical

Engineering Consultations




Prof. Dr. Ahmed Hisham Bahey El-Din Kandil 



CASBEC (Center for Advanced Software and Biomedical Engineering Consultations) is one of the special units Faculty of Engineering semi[private centers working under the authority of Cairo University. It resides in the Faculty of Engineering campus occupying an area of over 700 square meters.

CASBEC provides solutions in the fields of biomedical engineering and health services as well as software development.

Activities range from Research & Development (R&D) to Custom-made services and consultations.

A number of experts in various engineering field and software programmers have joined together to provide solutions within CASBEC environment.


Main Objectives
1.  Preventive maintenance, repair and quality control of medical equipment.
2.  Building customs-made software programs.
3.  Research services.
*  Searching local and international periodicals.
* Scientific papers and reports delivery.
4.  Internet service and electronic publishing.
5.  CAD design (Auto CAD), Scanning, plotting and printing.
6.  Commercials, conferencing and multimedia.


CASBEC provides highly technical courses in biomedical engineering as well as in software programming and hardware.

Biomedical Engineering Courses
1. Physiology for Engineers
2. Incubators, Infants
3. Ventilators
4. Anesthesia machines
5. Lab equipment
6. Medical imaging equipment. ( x-ray, ultrasound, . . )
7. Hospital Management Information Systems


Software  and  Hardware  Courses
Some of the offered courses are :
1. Networking
2. Internet Programming
3. Programming Languages (Visual C++, Visual Basic, C,C++, etc, . . )
4. Multimedia ( 3D studio, Adobe Photoshop, . . . )
5. Introduction , Windows 95 and Windows 98
6. Computer hardware maintenance
7. Computer interfacing
8. Installation supervision

Research and Projects
1. Tele – Medicine
2. Tele- Education
3. Multimedia
4. Decision-Support Systems
5. Bio-Signals and Image Processing

Technical consultations to hospitals and any other technology based institutions as well as individuals, including :
1. Purchasing or vendor evaluation
2. Installation supervision

Technical consultations in software programming fields.

For Further Information, Please Contact:
Tel.: (202) 35703293 Fax: (202) 35736180