Center of Manufacturing Studies



Prof. Dr. Tarek Mahmoud Moustafa Al. Hossieny 



The Center of Engineering Studies & Manufacturing (CESM) was established in May 1995. It aims to abridge the gap between the industry and the university. Many manufacturing problems could be solved with the aid of the knowledge of the university staff and the experience of the industrial firms. This cooperation  increases the efficiency of the manufacturing systems and consequently decreases  manufacturing expenses.

The Center of Eng. Studies & Manufacturing offers assets evaluation. Training Courses and Consultation  in the fields of manufacturing engineering and automation of production cycles towards advanced manufacturing systems. Which aid in raising the qualifications of the working personnel dealing with the advanced Technology specially numerically controlled machines .

Main Objectives:
1. Consultations concerning all aspects of manufacturing engineering.
2. Preparing the technical studies and the statistical analysis in order to improve the quality of production and decrease its cost.
3. Supervising the on-line production of industrial project.
4. Performance & evaluation of assets
5. Restructuring studies
6. Real with problems concerning, metal forming, melt treatment and Refining, Casting, Welding, Machining, Polymers, Ceramic, Composites ferrous and non ferrous alloys, metallic, and non metallic production
7. Deal to adjust any manufacturing production in view to obtain the ISO certificate
8. Diagnosis of fracture in view to repair or redesign fracture parts.
9. Perform destructive and non-destructive tests on materials and finished products
10. Establishing a training center capable of teaching and training the engineers the art of using the computers in manufacturing (CAM).
11. Upgrading the standard of the engineers in the industrial firms by giving them experience in dealing with computer numerical control machine tools (CNC) through programming designing, and controlling the machining process using such machines.
12. Enhancing the knowledge and the experience of the engineers, as well as, the technicians through series of generalized and specialized training courses in all fields of manufacturing engineering.
13. Introduce the concept and the importance of design according to standard specification through intensive courses.
14. Conducting various laboratories, as on -site tests, and issuing approved certificates with the final results and analysis.
15. Improving research & teaching capabilities by providing up to date laboratories equipment

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