Eng. Mohamed Radwan Abdelhamid – Teaching Assitant in Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University Was the top winner of the competition.

The annual International Microelectronics Olympics of Armenia is held as one of the initiatives of Synopsis, Inc. aimed at the development of the IT sector in Armenia. It is a contest for engineers and students under 30 years of age. The Olympic’s charter is to stimulate further development of microelectronics in Armenia and in the participant countries; recognize and inspire young, talented engineers; increase interest in microelectronics among young specialists; understand the level of knowledge among these specialists in the field of microelectronics in order to modify educational programs to comply with current trends; and create a community of young specialists involved in microelectronics.


The Olympics topics are:

  • Digital IC Design and Test
  • Analog and Mixed Signal IC Design and Test
  • Semiconductor Devices and Technology
  • Mathematical and Algorithmic Issues of EDA.

The Olympics plays an important role in microelectronics education and stimulates further development of this environment in Armenia and in the participating countries. It also helps to demonstrate recognition, appreciation and inspiration of many talented engineers under the age of 30 to increase their interest in microelectronics. The annual event aims to expand the international community of young specialists of microelectronics, as well as to evaluate the level of knowledge of participants in order to make necessary adjustments in the regional educational programs.

The Annual International Microelectronics Olympics of Armenia is a knowledge-based written exam, conducted in two stages. The first-stage is held locally in each participating country, the second-stage is held in Armenia. One winner from the first-stage in each country is sponsored to fly out and participate in the final-stage held in Armenia.

The first stage was held at the AUC campus and included participants from universities such as Cairo, Ain Shams, Zagazig and Alexandria Universities, along with participants from the Microelectronics industry. Eng. Mohamed Radwan Abdelhamid, T.A. at the Electronics and Communications Engineering Department of Cairo University, rated  first at the national stage and was qualified to compete in Yerevan, Armenia on 16th of October 2014 for the second stage of the International Microelectronics Olympics., which involved more than 800 young participants from 22 countries including Germany, Russia, and UK.  The event was held in cooperation with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Test Technology Technical Council (TTTC).


Egypt Prize2


Eng. Radwan of Cairo University won the 1st Prize out of all participants from all over the world portraying the level of knowledge and proficiency of education at Cairo University which is head to head with the technology-leading countries in the Microelectronics industry.

The Olympics website:  http://www.microelectronicsolympiad.am/en/index.html

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