Mining Studies and Research Center



Prof. Dr. Khalid Ahmed Abd El- Fattah 




Mining Studies & Research Center is a national consultancy house that provides consultations, material testing & engineering studies for companies and corporations working in the fields of Mining Engineering, Mineral Processing, Petroleum, Natural Gas Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering including the following:




1. Exploration, development, exploitation and evaluation of mineral resources, and oil & gas reserves
2. Geological, mineralogical and petrographical studies of mineral deposits, ornamental stones and building materials. Field & laboratory testing to determine physical, chemical and mechanical properties of rocks that lead to structural and mining applications.
3. Feasibility studies for mining, petroleum and metallurgical projects. Laboratory and pilot testing for processing of minerals and flow sheet design.
4. Design of open cast, underground mining and quarries.
5. Investigation and testing of oil and gas samples, PVT analysis, and reservoir rocks.
6. Studies and consultations in the fields of drilling, production, reservoir, EOR, and reservoir simulation.
7. Investigations and consultations in the fields of metal extraction, heat treatment, corrosion and metal protection, alloys & new materials, inspection and testing of metals & alloys.
8. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
9. Offering training and continuing education programs in the above-mentioned fields. 


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