Measurement & Calibration Lab (MCL)& Project Consulting Group (PCG)


Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Tharwat Wazeer Abo-Arab





Measurement and Calibration Laboratory (MCL) was founded in Cairo University – Faculty of Engineering (CUFE) in 1986. CUFE was convinced to establish such laboratory in order to enhance academic and experimental capabilities for students and to train them on new technologies in measurements & calibrations fields. MCL – as a part of a scientific organization – adopts international standards as a base for measurement and calibration procedures and make all resources available for undergraduate and postgraduate students. 


MCL takes the advantage of the new technologies to use many of sophisticated instruments and equipment in the field of measurements & calibration and make them available for students.


Since 1986, MCL has been serving the national industry as well as the Arab world in many different aspects, educational, industrial, and environmental .   MCL is one of the first national labs tried to be accredited from international bodies to obtain get ISO 17025. So, MCL has the potential to share the responsibility for improving the national industry to the international level.


Also, MCL is integrating with the other laboratories in CUFE, and collaborating with CUFE staff in order to accomplish whatever tests or studies the customer needs. 


Consultation works is found to be the main source of income to Support both Lab expenses Therefore MCL management in support with CUFE administration formed project consulting group (PCG)   Projects Consulting Group (PCG) aims to concentrate on consultation, studies, design, and supervising of projects execution MCL is also ISO 9000 : 2008 Certified as a Consulting Group to offer Consultation services.