High Tech. Design and Consultation center for 

Communication and Electronics


Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abu Al-Saud Sultan 



Introduction :
The High Tech. Center was established as a special unit within the Faculty of Engineering Cairo University as part of the Faculty activities to serve the community and a center for technology transfer to the Egyptian industry and local community of greater Cairo.

Main Objectives
1. Designing electronic, communication and computer systems products solving problems of existing ones.
2. Making training programs and education tools in the field of the center’s activities for the different stages of education and training.
3. Certifying the specification for products and systems according to the Egyptian and international standards.
4. Arbitration between the buyer and the supplier in supply contracts for High Tech. Or information equipment’s programs of systems.
5. Studying the requirements and putting the specifications for new purchases including advanced technology, analyzing bids and supervising, handling, installation and commissioning.
6. Introducing electronics, microprocessor, and computer technology in industrial operations including production machines and production lines and covering production control, design and data collection.
7.  Analyzing problems of ruins of production units and lines regarding electronics and control, and suggesting the necessary alternatives to maintain and repair these units to minimize ruins time.
8.  Increasing awareness inside the Faculty of the importance of Innovations and developing self powers including identifying these subjects and the international and local  laws governing them.
9.  Establishing a library for invention patents, books, and legal references on the subject of mental possession innovations and inventions.


Quick I.D. for the Center

Name : High Tech. Design and Consultation Center for Communications & Electronics.

Establishment Date : University Board Session, August 1997

Location     : Above the Electronics and Electrical Communication   Department Building.
Telephone   :  Tel. & Fax. 35678742 Tel. 35678299


Some Projects with the Center

1. A contract was signed for design and manufacture works for the control power supply for an electromagnetic pouring machine at Misr Aluminum Co. in Naga Hammadi with a total value of L.E. 480.000(Four Hundred Eighty Thousand Egyptian Pounds). Rewards were paid to the research group and some manufacturing requirements were purchased.

2. Taking over the executive aspects of putting the regulation, syllabi, teaching and supervising the educational process for the cooperation agreement with Civil Aviation Institute. Regulation and B.Sc. program for Air craft and Electronics & Communications Departments were put together with the syllabi as well as supervising the educational process for the current two years.

3. A contract was signed for the works of renovating both units for winding wire and lead with the wire drawing machine at Misr Aluminium Company in Naga Hammadi, with a total value of L.E. 700.000 ( Seven Hundred Thousand Egyptian Pounds) including purchase of equipment and components estimated at L.E. 400.000 (Four Hundred Thousand Egyptian Pounds). Rewards were paid to the research team.

For Further Information, Please Contact:
Tel.: (202) 35678299 Fax. (202) 35678742