Received yesterday the Department of Architecture , Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University on full adoption of an unconditional and for a period of three years from the International Union of Architects “UIA” of UNESCO and until the end of October 2017, and I’ve included their report a range of positive remarks and praised excellence program and Hamas both students and teaching staff of the faculty members and teaching assistants and staff members of the department also singled out discriminate based on section administration and management of the college, which infused the spirit of section obviously the team and outstanding.

Architecture program also earned credit hours system “AET ” , Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University from the same point of international “UIA” accreditation in the first exploratory visit him on a report excellence program and its different levels uniqueness and recommended that there are no reservations for the establishment of the International Union of Architects “UIA” final comprehensive visit commodities in March 2016.

It is worth mentioning that this is the first of its kind for dressing a engineering colleges sections of the Egyptian public universities for international adoption in the field of architecture and who wish to be cataleptic around the world