Experimental Station Solar
STDF Project # 1586
Egyptian model for the development of a system Concentrated solar power project


About the project

        Increasing global attention now, the phenomenon of climate change (global warming) as well as working to secure energy sources in the future. And has led to the expansion of research related to the development of systems and equipment to exploit renewable energies, and in particular solar energy and wind power. It is expected that solar energy is the most important are the energy sources by the year 2050. This will lead to the installation of millions of concentrated solar power complexes in the deserts of the Middle East. Therefore, it has become important to develop the Egyptian regime concentrated solar power, even Egypt be able to keep up with the expected development in the field of solar energy utilization. To achieve this goal, the research team developed the entire design of the complex concentrated solar power from the pelvis Parabolic type as well as the manufacture of a prototype and installed and running and then tested. Has been taken into account in all of this cost reduction and reducing maintenance requirements and maximize the local contribution in the production of various components of the system. This design took into account the economic and technical aspects of all views, thermal and optical, mechanical and manufacturing.
The main objective of this project is to deal with and solve the problems of research and development for all system components. And thus is an essential and necessary step in the direction of the base of the local production of solar modules intensive assembly in Egypt established. Indeed, a research team consisting of 35 professor and Lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, in addition to other experts to conduct a study theory to simulate the concentrated solar power complex ended with a detailed design of the compound to achieve a specific outlet. Then the model was first manufactured according to this design. After the installation of the complex and has run pilot studies to achieve complex performance under realistic conditions. The study to determine the cost per unit of productive capacity also included the possibilities for domestic manufacture of various system for vehicles.
And has done the research team doing all these designs, fixtures and measurements necessary, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, and has allocated sufficient land area to the total extension in Sheikh Zayed City. This project is an important step in the direction of the transfer and the development of CSP assembly technology in Egypt. It is also enriched the local glass and metal industries advanced and promising technologies.
The project of the successful models of trilateral cooperation between Cairo University and the College of Engineering and fund science and technological development, as well as the goal of the collaboration between scientific research and the Egyptian university and industry development.
Heads of research and operational groups to the project:
Prof. Amin Mubarak the Principal Investigator for the project
Prof. Adel Khalil Prime Thermal Design Group
Prof. Mohamed Fawzy Rifai Prime optical design group
Prof. Saad Qasim – Head of Control Systems Group
Prof. Saif Khurshid – Head of Mechanical Design Group
Prof. Abdul Khaliq Radwan – Chairman of the manufacturing and installation group
Prof. Mr. earner head of the administrative group.

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