About the Lab

The Urban Form Lab is a service laboratory, and a Center for Urban critical and creative thinking, teaching, research and practice in Architecture, Urban Form and Urbanism. The lab is based at the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.

Aims and Scope

The lab aims at engaging and collaborating with; undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers, academic and professional partners, local communities, local authorities and international partners to address and investigate issues related to cities and urban areas. The lab seeks to; monitor, extrapolate, and reach better understanding of urban spaces, places and settings, and to propose appropriate solutions to urban problems through detailed analysis of its physical and non-physical contexts; together with the closely related historic, environmental and cultural aspects and influences. The lab seeks to undertake studies, formulate and develop; contextual and environmental, economic and socially sustainable proposals. In this regard, the lab adopts and deploys urban design and community design methodologies and approaches in addressing; research studies, projects, and urban issues, problems and challenges – this enables the lab to effectively contributing to and enhancing; urban design and community design knowledge and practices and to integrate research studies, projects, practice, and products, into architectural education and learning process, for the undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the Department, the Faculty and the University.

Projects, research and applied studies, closely related to the aims and objectives of the Urban Form Lab, include the following realms:

  • Urban Design (various scales and levels),
  • Formulating, developing, and proposing; architectural and urban Development Control Guidelines and Regulations for existing and new urban areas,
  • Urban Identity and Character of Historical and Heritage areas (conservation, protection, and control),
  • Infill Design in urban Historic, Heritage and Areas of Value,
  • Urban Form and Morphology studies,
  • Design and development of Urban, Open Spaces and Places.
  • Urban Health, Quality of Life, and Quality of the Built Environment,
  • Design and development of Public Spaces in Residential areas,
  • Urban Design and Development studies.

Founders and Directors of Urban Form Lab

Prof. Dr. Sahar Imam, Professor of Urban Design, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University

Assoc. Prof. Aliaa AlSadaty, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University


Urban Form Lab,

Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University