Unit of Production and Maintenance of Scientific




The unit of Production and Maintenance of Scientific Equipment at Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University consists of two sectors. The production sector which was established in 1931 as a Faculty workshop and Maintenance of Scientific Equipment Sector which was established in 1976.


The production sector has several sections specialized in different areas of manufacturing while the maintenance section is highly equipped for repair and maintenance of mechanical, electronic and optical instruments used in research Laboratory and hospitals as well as maintenance of photocopy machines. The major activities of the unit can be summarized as follows :

Main Objectives

1. Performing the University plans in technical training for students, technicians and engineers.

2. Manufacturing of equipment apparatus and tools for applied research work.

3. Manufacturing of spare parts for mechanical equipment and production lines.

4. Manufacturing of material handling equipment.

5. Manufacturing of furniture for the University needs and private sectors as well as individuals.

6. Repair and maintenance of biomedical and scientific instruments.

7. Repair and maintenance of heating and cooling equipment refrigerators and air condition units.

8. Repair and maintenance of photocopy machines.

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