Technical Center for Job Promotion for Engineering Graduates



Prof. Dr. Nadia Hussein Raafat



The Technical Center for Job Promotion for Engineering Graduates has been established as a distinct unit in the Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University in Accordance with decree 64 issued on Aug. 14, 1995 by the HEAD OF THE Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities.

The center aims at the establishment and procurement of job opportunities for graduates in all engineering disciplines.

This is to be achieved through continuous surveying of trends, career plans and ambitions of engineering graduates, preparation of relevant training programs and their feasibility studies, and cooperation with other establishments and agencies interested in offering support and sponsorship for the Establishment for jobs graduates.

Main Objectives

1. Collection of data and studies concerning the numbers of graduates, graduating seniors, available job opportunities, and novel approaches and ideas for their employment.

2. Organization of training sessions for engineering graduates to develop their skills in modern and advanced employment areas in cooperation with industrial centers and private sector establishments.

3. Simplify the communication between the students and industrial entities by building-up a database for both the graduated students and the various industrial entities. This will reflect the requirements of these companies and help the students to easily convert their projects into real life applications that could benefit their community and country.

4. Reducing mismatches between demand and supply for skills and improving employment performance. This involves measures to reinforce, expand the content of vocational and technical training, and increased mobility between vocational/technical and academic studies.

5. Involving business more closely in government initiatives to support adoption of new work practices and work organizations as well as improving their articulation with education and training programs.

6. Preparation of feasibility studies for projects undertaken by recently graduate engineers, providing recommendation for the procurement of funds from banks and other financing agencies for practicable projects, and providing them with the qualified training for the preparation of the feasibility studies for innovative projects.

7. Organization of Seminars and Workshops on the different activities of the Center and coordination of efforts with agencies involved in the development of job opportunities for young engineers.

Main Activities

• Establish a good link between the industry (local and international companies) and students in different departments by offering training opportunities, technical sessions, soft skills programs, and job fairs all over the year.

• The center organizes the annual fair for employment and training.  The fair represents a relevant place for large industrial, chemical, electronic, computer and contracting companies to hire good candidates for available job vacancies.

• The center organizes scientific trips to industrial towns, training sessions and workshops for engineers to develop their skills and increase their knowledge in free business, small-scale enterprises and technical and economical support to be an entrepreneur.


For Further Information, Please Contact:

Tel.: (202) 35702271 – (202) 35702367 – (202) 35681696